F1 Australia: Lemon Myrtle Barramundi with Brewcult Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert: it's fishFormula 1 is back! With practice sessions underway and qualifying to commence in a few hours at 4:00pm AEST. I’m a bit excited. The last few years have seen me grow an understanding and increasing appreciation for a sport I once considered to be cars just going round and round in circles. No doubt spurred on by the successes of Mark Webber and now Daniel Ricciardo (I can Continue reading

Creamy Witbier Scallops

20141231_114235In all my time writing for drunkspec I never once did a seafood recipe. There’s a reason for that – I’m not an avid fan of the sea’s bounty. I usually have to have my seafood battered and deep-fried to enjoy it.

Anyway, I thought it about time I stop thinking about myself and go out of my comfort zone and experiment a little. So here’s my recipe for Creamy Witbier Scallops with a crunchy, lemon roasted pea topping – made possible by Feral Brewing Co. White

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Breakfasting with Beer: Lemon Pancakes

LemonPancakesAerialThis blog wouldn’t be doing it’s duty of compiling a series of breakfast and beer combinations without some form of pancakes being on the menu. The inspiration for this little number came from a little B&B in upstate New York where some scrumptious lemon pancakes were served up one morning in a charming old homestead. I scoured the internet to try my best at recreating them and found a recipe, which I imagine to be very similar, at Jen’s Favourite Cookies, a baking blog, so kudos Jen! (Mine don’t look anywhere near as good!)

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