Slow Cooker Belgian Wheat Beer Coq au Vin

Coq au VinDespite the south-east (of Queensland) having defrosted last week, I’ve had the slow-cooker out for a stint, rehashing old recipes and trying some new ones. In the process I’ve been reminded of how simple yet how effective low and slow cooking can be. Throw everything together in the morning, head off to work, and be welcomed home to the aroma of your awaiting meal as it simmers away with you barely having to lift a finger. Not to mention it being a cost effective method for feeding the masses, using cheaper cuts that tenderise during the cooking process through the gradual breakdown of those gelatinous pockets of goodness.

I tried my hand at Coq au Vin for the first time, using chicken thighs, and substituting the usual dry white wine for a Belgian-style Continue reading

Munich Helles and Matriciana

Aerial MatricianaA lot of my cooking skills were learnt growing up in a household of bakers, namely my mother and grandmother. Baking for friends and family and entering our wares into the cookery section of the local show was the norm for me and my siblings. From this home-style, country baking my horizons were broadened at my university college where a communal kitchen with 400-ish of my peers presented ample opportunity to learn new tricks and improve my knowledge Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: French Brioche

FrenchBriocheFor the last instalment of breakfast and beer pairings (at least for this time around anyway), I opted for a second dish featuring that most beloved of cured meats. In contrast to the last bacon dish, I served this one up with something a little more on the sweet side – French Brioche and Maple Roasted Figs.

For me this dish required a beer with a fairly robust bitterness yet sweet Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Breakky Trio

AechtBreakkyTrioThis is one for the bacon lovers, and trust me, it’s bacon overload. I wanted to match something with a smoked beer and I still hadn’t done a breakfast with bacon. Alas, together, they’d just be too overpowering. I’ve thrown in the other elements so the bacon isn’t the hero, in fact, all of the components of this dish are sides, but one of them in particular stands up to the beer I’ve chosen.

It’s hard to look past Bamburg for a smoked beer and we’ve chosen Brauerei Heller’s Maerzen. Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law and with it’s malted barley kilned over a fire of Continue reading