Blackberry Porter Sorbet

Blackberry Porter SorbetWith Summer wrapping up (although still supposedly another heat wave on the way for south-east Queensland) it’s time also to wrap up my sorbet posts for the season. The last installment is a blackberry porter sorbet that offers a subtle roast coffee flavour behind the dominant fruit profile. A luscious purple in colour, it’s sure to look the part while delivering an interesting flavour combo. Continue reading

High Tea Paired with a Selection of Craft Beers

Menu Set UpAfter only about 12 months of workshopping this idea in my head, I finally hosted my first high tea paired with a selection of fine beers on Sunday.

I’d been wanting to do this for quite a while and for a number of reasons. Being passionate about good beer and food, I wanted to share this love of mine with my nearest and dearest. I also wanted to showcase beer as being a choice beverage for enjoying with some of the finer, girlier things in life – which, let’s face it, is not exactly what it’s Continue reading

Chocolate Porter Cupcakes

ChocPorter Cupcakes AerialAdmittedly it’s round two with these cupcakes. I first planned to do the classic stout cupcake using Young’s Double Chocolate Stout but when they turned out with a slightly disagreeable yeasty flavour, whether as a result of the beer’s flavours being condensed through baking or some other occurrence on its way to my cellar-cum-pantry, I decided they weren’t quite up to scratch.

Whilst trying to decide on a beer for my second Continue reading

Plum and Cherry Lambic Sorbet

plum and cherry lambic sorbetThe cherries have been great this season, juicier and sweeter than I remember for a while. In fact, most of the fruit I’ve had over the summer has been remarkable. I’ll be devastated when it’s back to the humdrum of apples, oranges and bananas for the majority of the year.

It’s probably also a lot to do with the fact that I didn’t confine my shopping for fresh produce to the big supermarket chains as I have done, out of Continue reading

Beer Scones

WheatBeerScones closeupI ended up spending Australia Day 2015 at home. On my own. Drinking an inordinate number of beers. Sweating up a storm in a non-air-conditioned house. And just generally being a slob. Winning.

A number of things led to this turn of events:

1. I missed my bus to the city with the next one not scheduled for an hour and – thanks to living an inconvenient distance from the city where a day off Continue reading

Mango Hefeweizen Sorbet

mango hef sorbetA few years ago, before becoming a fully-fledged beer fan girl, I remember my first visit to the Bavarian Beer Café at Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier. I ordered a half Stein of hefeweizen  and succumbed to the offering of having some mango syrup added. (Which, if I remember correctly, was part of a designated ‘ladies’ menu – something I’d take huge issue with now that my beer palate has developed far beyond this gender stereotype. I’ll save you the rant, but here’s an interesting read on the topic.)

A lot of you ‘purists’ are no doubt screwing up your nose at the very thought Continue reading

Spiced Ale Apple Slice

AppleSliceI’ve been thinking for a while about a recipe that would use some of my last two bottles of 2 Brothers Magic Pudding. Not that I particularly wanted to get rid of them but they have been sitting in the cellar for a while: as the beer’s aged the flavour has become drier and the spices have become even more prominent which has had me eager to harness its power.

Enter the classic yet humble apple slice. Continue reading