Dark Chocolate and Redskin Cheesecake

PashRashRedskinCheesecakeIf there was ever a beer made specifically, especially, just for me, it might just be Ogden Nash’s Pash Rash Imperial Redskins Stout by Moon Dog. I’m a bit of dark beer fiend and raspberry in beer, or anything for that matter, gets an immediate check in the box.

The beer has a distinct Redskin aroma that powers ahead of the usual roasty, chocolate aromas stouts are known for. This is in contrast to its flavour profile where the (thousands of) Redskin lollies only brush Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Breakky Trio

AechtBreakkyTrioThis is one for the bacon lovers, and trust me, it’s bacon overload. I wanted to match something with a smoked beer and I still hadn’t done a breakfast with bacon. Alas, together, they’d just be too overpowering. I’ve thrown in the other elements so the bacon isn’t the hero, in fact, all of the components of this dish are sides, but one of them in particular stands up to the beer I’ve chosen.

It’s hard to look past Bamburg for a smoked beer and we’ve chosen Brauerei Heller’s Maerzen. Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law and with it’s malted barley kilned over a fire of Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Bircher Muesli

Bircher Muesli BerriesSometimes a celebratory breakfast is in order – Easter, Christmas day, a special milestone in life’s journey, you’ve just completed a fun run and burned a mazillion calories, or you’re simply on holidays and indulging in life’s pleasures. And, maybe, champagne’s just not your style.

Last year, I did a compilation of beer and breakfast food pairings for drunkenspeculation.com and to kick off the pairing recommendations for The Beer Drinker’s Table (and to get some content up) I thought I’d re-post. That, and I’m a bit chuffed with how the Continue reading