High Tea Paired with a Selection of Craft Beers

Menu Set UpAfter only about 12 months of workshopping this idea in my head, I finally hosted my first high tea paired with a selection of fine beers on Sunday.

I’d been wanting to do this for quite a while and for a number of reasons. Being passionate about good beer and food, I wanted to share this love of mine with my nearest and dearest. I also wanted to showcase beer as being a choice beverage for enjoying with some of the finer, girlier things in life – which, let’s face it, is not exactly what it’s Continue reading

La Sirene Farmhouse Red with Scones, Jam and Whipped Cream

Farmhouse Red with SconesIt’s a little late but as promised, a pairing recommendation for last week’s wheat beer scones: La Sirene’s Farmhouse Red.

La Sirene is a brewery on the up and up at the moment. Their bottled and draught ranges are widely available (relatively speaking) and all of them Continue reading

Australia Day Lamb: 3 ways with pairings

lambylambylamblambLamb: the meat of choice on Australia Day since Sam Kekovich graced our television screens as Australia’s “Lambassador” in a series of satirical advertising campaigns commencing in 2005. Well, it could’ve been before this but I only remember it so post Sam bringing my attention to the rampant un-Australianism of not enough lamb chops on barbies.

In any event, I’ve made a concerted effort to “chomp on a chop” each Australia Day weekend for the past few years. Marketing huh! So here are some no-fuss lamb-centric recipes to help make your Australia Day with some pairing ideas. You know it makes sense!

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Breakfasting with Beer: French Brioche

FrenchBriocheFor the last instalment of breakfast and beer pairings (at least for this time around anyway), I opted for a second dish featuring that most beloved of cured meats. In contrast to the last bacon dish, I served this one up with something a little more on the sweet side – French Brioche and Maple Roasted Figs.

For me this dish required a beer with a fairly robust bitterness yet sweet Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Breakky Trio

AechtBreakkyTrioThis is one for the bacon lovers, and trust me, it’s bacon overload. I wanted to match something with a smoked beer and I still hadn’t done a breakfast with bacon. Alas, together, they’d just be too overpowering. I’ve thrown in the other elements so the bacon isn’t the hero, in fact, all of the components of this dish are sides, but one of them in particular stands up to the beer I’ve chosen.

It’s hard to look past Bamburg for a smoked beer and we’ve chosen Brauerei Heller’s Maerzen. Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law and with it’s malted barley kilned over a fire of Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Lemon Pancakes

LemonPancakesAerialThis blog wouldn’t be doing it’s duty of compiling a series of breakfast and beer combinations without some form of pancakes being on the menu. The inspiration for this little number came from a little B&B in upstate New York where some scrumptious lemon pancakes were served up one morning in a charming old homestead. I scoured the internet to try my best at recreating them and found a recipe, which I imagine to be very similar, at Jen’s Favourite Cookies, a baking blog, so kudos Jen! (Mine don’t look anywhere near as good!)

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Breakfasting with Beer: Potato Cakes

PotatoCakeswGuinnessThe celebratory breakfast beer ideas continue with an Irish theme. Naturally I just couldn’t go past potatoes. [Insert racial slur of the fiddle-dee-dee variety here]. The potato cakes will be served with sour cream and sides of roasted tomatoes and soda bread. No prizes for guessing the brand of beer we’re pairing this with.

Guinness Extra Stout is a slightly stronger, more bitter version of the original. Roasted malt flourishes in the aroma with some welcoming hints of coffee. To taste it’s all about the bitter roastiness of the malt which quickly Continue reading