F1 China: Hong Shao Rou with Nut Brown Ale

Closeup red braised pork brown aleI’m playing catch-up with my F1 pairing posts at the moment. I knew it was ambitious when taking it on and the last couple of weeks, post-Brewsvegas, I haven’t committed enough time to the blog as I would have liked. Nevertheless, I’m cracking on and determined to complete a post for each race, however late.

With the Chinese GP held in Shanghai last weekend, I embarked on making Continue reading

Breakfasting with Beer: Breakky Trio

AechtBreakkyTrioThis is one for the bacon lovers, and trust me, it’s bacon overload. I wanted to match something with a smoked beer and I still hadn’t done a breakfast with bacon. Alas, together, they’d just be too overpowering. I’ve thrown in the other elements so the bacon isn’t the hero, in fact, all of the components of this dish are sides, but one of them in particular stands up to the beer I’ve chosen.

It’s hard to look past Bamburg for a smoked beer and we’ve chosen Brauerei Heller’s Maerzen. Brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law and with it’s malted barley kilned over a fire of Continue reading