Hi! My name’s Ann-Maree, or AM for short. The last few years have seen me grow an increasing appreciation and passion for good beer. Ever since tasting a beer with depth, flavour and distinguishable hops, I’ve been hooked on pursuing new beers, new flavours, new experiences.

I first started blogging about my beery adventures in 2013 for drunkenspeculation.com and after 2 years it was time to turn over a new leaf and step out on my own. With The Beer Drinker’s Table I continue my love affair with craft beer, expressing it how I know best, by creating good home cooked meals and goodies with beer, sharing recommendations for beer/food pairings, and providing other random beery commentary.

I’m based in Brisbane, Australia – a city really coming into its own, and every day with more and more craft beer offerings. Hence, my posts will tend to be very much focussed on the local and then looking outward, nationally and internationally.

My aim, pure and simple, is to continue spreading the good beer message and showcase beer as a vast and varied beverage with endless possibilities on what can be created and what it can create.


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