2016: The year of potentially better blogging than 2015

After I’d almost determined that the blog would be no more, WordPress took my money and accepted my ueber late payment for another year’s subscription. I mostly just paid the money so I could get access to the Hong Shao Rou recipe after having scoured the internet for a similar one and coming up empty. Completely worth the investment.

In any event, I’m endeavouring to post at least monthly this year after the blog fell by the wayside in the latter half of 2015. This was when I moved to the Gold Coast and the beach was beckoning, so cut me some slack alright.

Lots of exciting stuff is happening on the GC beer-wise and 2016 is only set to be bigger and better than the previous year which saw the GC’s inaugural Free The Hops beer festival, the rise and rise of Black Hops Brewing and their release of the world’s first Call of Duty beer, the opening of House of Brews and Institution Ale House, to name but a few. Things are on the up and up, just like the searing heat this summer.

Now that Festivus is over however, I need to lose a couple of kilos before I start hitting the beers too heavily, but just sit tight and I’ll have some posts soon, okay?

In the interim, here’s some pictures of how I spent my new year… and hopefully more of what you can expect in the year ahead…

Cheers and beers, AM

Anderson Valley Gose8Wired iStoutPanheadSaisonNoisy Minor BadWolf

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