La Sirene Farmhouse Red with Scones, Jam and Whipped Cream

Farmhouse Red with SconesIt’s a little late but as promised, a pairing recommendation for last week’s wheat beer scones: La Sirene’s Farmhouse Red.

La Sirene is a brewery on the up and up at the moment. Their bottled and draught ranges are widely available (relatively speaking) and all of them getting a good rap from the beer community. It’s little wonder four of their beers secured a place on the Hottest 100 Australian craft beers of 2014.

La Sirene’s Farmhouse Red has aromatics of red fruit broken by subtle Belgian yeast spice notes. A ruby, red hue with a thick off-white head it sits complimentary to the jam and whipped cream atop the scones. The red fruit aromas translate delicately to the palate, complimenting as well as giving respite from the sweet strawberry jam. A smooth and rounded mouthfeel ensues, not dissimilar to the whipped cream from a moment ago. A lightly bitter finish tops it all off and it’s time to load up another scone.

Saisons are known for being particularly versatile in terms of food matching. This is no exception; not having had the Farmhouse Red previously it was a bit of a wild stab but it paid dividends and harmonises effortlessly with each scone element.


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